How to Choose Your Most Reliable In-Home Elder Care Giver

Reliable Elder Home Care Giver

Choosing your in-home elder caregiver can be a more difficult challenge than selecting any other type of service you might need. Unlike in the case of almost any other services, an in-home caregiver has to be dependable and trustworthy, and you have to make absolutely sure that they won’t abuse the position of control they might be given.


As a result, choosing a responsible in-home elder caregiver will be much like the process of hiring people for a very important job. You’ll need a screening and interviewing process, and you absolutely have to know all about the needs and requirements that your elder might have.


Know What You Need


Before anything else, make sure that you know all about your senior’s needs. Does he/she need medical supervision? Is there a serious health issue like Alzheimer’s at the middle of the problem? Maybe you just need a reliable professional who will help out with daily chores and tasks, such as helping them get dressed, cook food or go out for walks.


Make a list with all the most essential requirements, and make sure you are thorough in your requests. You’ll find that even the smallest detail can be relevant as you sift through your options for selecting the best in-home elder caregiver.


Define the Job


It can be great to just follow the typical job description of an in-home care giver, but if you want the best possible results, you’ll have to define the position and what it entails for the candidates. Here are a few pointers to consider for home care Denver CO:


  1. Start by creating a job description to help candidates find out what the job is all about. Ask for a specific training level (such as nursing assistant or registered nurse) and make sure you specify whether they have to know how to drive a car or need to have the strength to carry an elderly person or to handle special medical equipment.
  2. Create a job contract specifying every essential detail that it needs to have. This should include the wages and hours of work, as well as what might constitute special caregiver requirements and unacceptable behavior on the part of the caregiver.
  3. Prepare a detailed list of questions for the interview process. As you post the job description online or in the local paper, you can expect people to apply. So make sure you have a list of requirements to help you sort through the resumes and a list of about 7-10 questions for the interview. You might want to expand the screening process to also include a telephone-based interview, if you want to get only the best people for an interview.


Background Checks


Although it would be nice if you could take a person’s word for being reliable and trustworthy, not everyone is as honest as we might hope. As a result, you have to consider doing an extensive background check on each candidate prior to making your final decision.


So make sure you check their references carefully and actually follow up on them by calling their past employers for confirmation on whether they are trustworthy individuals or not. Also, don’t forget to get an actual criminal background check. Anyone who works for the state as a certified caregiver has to pass a criminal background check and be registered if they had committed any felonies or misdemeanors in the past.