How to Evaluate Texas Senior Living Communities – Aspects to Consider and Questions to Ask

Making the decision to move your elderly relative to a home for senior living is a tough decision, but Texas senior living communities make the transition smooth and easy, especially if it is a common decision that addresses your relative’s requirements regarding lifestyle, accommodation and the location of the facility chosen. Safety, security, comfort, independence, the quality of the care received, the food, the general atmosphere at the facility are all very important aspects that need to be carefully evaluated before choosing the right place, so here are a few tips and ideas that can make it all easier for you and your aging relative, too.


Types of Senior Living Communities


Senior living communities are complexes that offer housing and a certain level of assistance for elderly adults who can still take care of themselves, but find handling daily activities such as dressing, cooking or bathing difficult and would feel safer being offered help when necessary. There are various types of senior living communities – here are the most common ones:


  • Assisted living and nursing homes in Odessa TX – residents are provided apartment-style accommodation and help with bathing, dressing, eating and moving around when they need it,
  • Independent senior living communities – these facilities provide only accommodation, without any type of assistance,
  • Congregate housing – facilities for elderly people as well as for younger, disabled people that provide accommodation and access to common dining and recreation.


What to Look for When Evaluating Texas Senior Living Communities


Not all Texas facilities offer the same kind of setting, atmosphere and care, so it is very important to evaluate available places carefully and to choose the place that suits your relative’s physical condition, personality, expectations and take on life as much as possible – here are some aspects to check:


  • The staff – you need the staff of the facility to be not only qualified and experienced, but also patient, friendly and genuinely interested in providing residents the assistance they need,
  • The other residents – when you evaluate a facility, have a look at the residents, too – choose a place where other people like to live, too,
  • The facility – cleanliness, safety, security and obstacle-free construction are all very important. Check if the bathrooms are fitted with grab bars and rubber mats to prevent slipping. Also check the quality of the furniture and the accessories in the room or apartment your relative will move to,
  • The level and the quality of the care – the facility you choose needs to be able to handle emergency and non-emergency care needs as well. Senior living communities are for people who are still able to take care of themselves, but they might need assistance with medication management and unexpected situations might also crop up, so it is very important to know that situations get solved in an efficient manner.


Senior living communities vary in terms of all the above aspects – choose the right place together with your family and do take your time to make the right decision, it is in everyone’s best interest.