Is Laser Body Sculpting Safe? Practitioners Answer

Although laser cellulite removal is a fairly simple and easy procedure, it needs to be performed by a certified doctor. It is not a simple cosmetic treatment, but it qualifies as medical procedure. This in itself should explain potential patients that they should only seek qualified professionals to perform this procedure. On the other hand, the laser procedure is significantly less risky than a liposuction.

Why Is Laser Treatment Better?

The most critical difference between laser and liposuction is that the patient is wide awake during the laser procedure, with a local numbing applied to the area under procedure. This eliminates the risks associated with deep anesthesia.  San Diego body contouring is achievable safely.

At the same time, the procedure itself is much less invasive to the tissues. Liposuction requires an open cut to fit the device, while laser treatment only needs a little puncture for the laser tip to reach the problem area.

The recovery period is also shorter for laser treatments. You will typically experience moderate pain and bruising for one-two days, but you will be still able to perform light daily chores and, after this, you will return to your usual schedule with no side effects.

With these clarifications, you are certainly better informed and you know everything you need before scheduling your laser cellulite removal treatment.