Plymouth MN Massage Therapy Information – What You Should Know About Massaging the Thighs

Back pain relief, an improved blood flow and fewer toxins in the organism are just some benefits of thigh massage Plymouth MN therapists can do for you. Here are some of the steps this technique involves:

  • Knowing the thigh’s muscles – Properly massaging the thigh is not possible without knowing the muscle groups located in this body area. The formation of 4 muscles located in the thigh’s front part is known as quadriceps, while the muscle groups in the back thigh are named hamstrings. The adductors are located on the thigh’s inner part, and the abductor muscles are placed on the outer part.
  • Preparations – The patient is laid on a specially designed table or on a sheet, and the therapist starts to apply oil on the areas to be massaged. Warming the hands before starting the therapy session is another preparatory step the specialist has to take.
  • Starting – Before massaging it, the target area is warmed up with a series of gentle strokes. The direction of the moves is always upward, in order to stimulate blood flow. According to professional masseurs, downward moves are not indicated, as the blood vessels that are in bad shape can be damaged even more.
  • Outer thigh and quadriceps – With the patient lying in the so-called “supine position”, the therapist starts working on the abductor and quadriceps muscles. This way, a state of muscular relaxation is induced, allowing the professional to use deep massage techniques.
  • Hamstrings – Relieving the pain in the lower back area is one of the purposes massaging these thigh muscles serves. Another great benefit of this type of massage therapy is that the knees are relieved of much of the pressure placed on them.