Wedding Flowers For Simple And Rustic Ceremonies

When you say “wedding flowers” most people think of large, complicated arrangements, sometimes hanging from the ceiling. It does not necessarily have to be the case. If you prefer simple or rustic arrangements, flower shops in Denver can provide them for your wedding.

Thus, instead of one large centerpiece you can get smaller vases and bouquets, delicately placed on trays. Together, they look like one big arrangement but they have a simpler touch.

You might also prefer your wedding flowers in pots. In this case, the pots might be decorated with small white ribbons or other wedding motives. Or, if you are an absolute fan of simplicity, the flowers could be delivered in galvanized tin buckets and placed in simple arrangements around the tables.

If you like a rather rustic wedding, that can be arranged as well. In this case, your wedding can have small ceramic pots filled with herbs and organic plants or it can have larger wooden boxes, filled with ornamental cabbage, roses and other traditional plants that could easily be found in most American gardens.

So, if simple and rustic are the preferred words for your wedding, your wedding flowers can definitely be chosen to redeem this simplicity and rustic nature, in style.